Talking Colors: Seeing Words/Hearing Images

by Sandra Indig
ISBN: 978-1-942431-06-0 (soft)

This book is for those readers who have a strong interest in creativity and the creative process from the perspective of the artist/analyst. Wrapped in colors, lines, textures, and words is the fascinating, ambiguous, often mysterious story of a life told through images associated with words and words associated with images.

The collection draws from aesthetic, spiritual concerns and those of science and psychoanalysis. Implied, often veiled, ambiguous reference to numerous modalities of expression bring to the level of consciousness both personal and universal emotions often as not, hidden and unspoken. With deeply felt humility, Indig goes to the edge of mythic-poetic worlds and dares her readers to look into the abyss for darkly hidden jewels adorning the cloth of humanity.