Harry’s Dream

$24.99 $19.99

by Suzanne T. Saldarini
Illustrations by Simeone, Lou
Psychoanalytic Thought for Youth Series
ISBN: 9781942431015 (soft)

Over one hundred years ago, Freud showed us that dreams are over-determined. Events from the previous day, on-going projects and interests, conversations, childhood memories and feelings attached to all of these come together to form our night-time dramas. The same could be said about any invention, including this short story for young children. Harry’s Dream began with a real night-mare, was shaped by conversations, by interests and by Harry’s memories. Finally, it was determined by the commitment at ORI Academic Press to connect psychoanalytic concepts to ordinary experience. Harry’s Dream is Suzanne Saldarini’s second book for children published by the ORI Academic Press. Her first book, About Dreams, was nominated for a prestigious 2013 Gradiva® Award from the National Association for Advancement of Psychoanalysis. Both books are included in Psychoanalytic Thought for Youth series. Harry’s Dream is brief, vivid and, hopefully, meaningful to anyone who cares for pre-school children.