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Seven Seasons: Collected Poems

$25.99 $20.80

by Detelina Stoykova-Asenov; MindMend Publishing
ISBN-13: 13: 978-1-942431-14-5 (soft, color)

“Seven Seasons,” Detelina Stoykova-Asenov’s debut collection of poems, encompasses poetic experiences from a span of twenty years. Living in the world Old and New, her poetics assign a vocabulary and inhabits this home/no-home environment, moving effortlessly between those worlds. The poems are organized in seven chapters, distinguished by themes, lyricism and architectonics, from haiku and miniatures to ballads and odes, with a variety of expressive means. Nature, seasons, travel, dreams, connectedness – between people and between people and nature – form the atmosphere in this collection.


Good-Bye Skink

$24.99 $19.99

by Suzanne T. Saldarini; ORI Academic Press
ISBN-13: 13: 978-1-942431-13-8 (soft, color)

Something’s wrong at Acorn School! A favorite classroom pet, a small brown Skink will not move. And it will not eat its treats; not juicy strawberries, no crunchy cheerios, and not even fresh green lettuce. The Skink always stands up on its back legs, but not now. The children’s questions and their feelings are very clear. What happened to our pet? What should we do? What comes next? Together, these pre-school children with their honest and tactful teacher share many of the feelings and thoughts that come to all of us when confronted with that most difficult of all topics – death. They also learn that sharing and expressing is a good first step towards comfort. GOOD-BYE SKINK is a resource for all ages.


Hopes and Fears: Past and Present

$22.99 $18.39

by Peter Petschauer; MindMend Publishing
ISBN-13: 13: 978-1-942431-12-1 (soft)

In his new book of poetry, Peter Petschauer is an astute observer and chronicler of the human condition – his topics range from the horrors of the Holocaust to the tender delights of being a grandfather. These poems will make one cry, laugh, and marvel at how skillfully Peter Petschauer handles the joy and sorrow of his own life and the lives of his World War II contemporaries in Europe and in America. There is no sentimentality, no preaching, just the power of the best words possible chosen to paint vivid pictures of the human condition at its most raw and most beautiful.


My Dreams and Me: A Life Reflected through Dreams

$29.99 $23.99

This title is discontinued as of 12/31/19

by Emilio S. Cot; professional commentary by Suzanne Saldarini; MindMend Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1-942431-11-4 (soft)

There’s a complex science behind dreaming, but this book is not about that. It is about the author’s experiences – love, romance, sex, violence, conflict, fear, work, socializing, and recreation – and how they emerge in his dreams. It explains how his understanding of who he is was shaped by analyzing his dreams. The author takes on all everyday topics of life: Love, Romance, Sex; Violence, Conflict, Fear: Work, Socializing, and Recreation. We all experience, read about or hear about some or all of these things on a regular basis. It could be personal, or it could be second-hand or random. These are the things that came up over and over again in the author’s dreams. “Intensity is what makes me remember so many of my dreams. So much so, that there are many dreams that I can look back on from even years ago, and I still remember them vividly with just a few key words to remind of them,” says the author.

So, what will the reader find in this book? About 145 dreams in less than a full year. That is about one dream every two nights or so. At the end of the book, there is a professional commentary by Suzanne Saldarini, a dream analyst. As author writes in the Introduction, more than anything else, writing this book has taught him a lot about himself, and it will tell the reader a lot about the author. But more importantly, this book will tell the reader more about him/herself, as they start thinking about their dreams and their life.

In the end, it is a book for anyone, academicians and lay people alike, who wants to learn more about themselves, as we all live; we all experience; we all sleep; and we all dream. Let this book be an encouragement to the readers to think about their life through the prism of their own dreams.


Yoga Stories for Kids: A Path to Resilience and Growth

$24.99 $19.99

by Sharon Mond
ISBN: 978-1-942431-10-7

Yoga Stories for Kids: A Path for Resilience and Growth can be used by therapists, teachers, and parents to help elementary school aged children safely express and explore such issues as loss, fear, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, bullying, friendships, and identity. The stories, which are integrated with movement, Yoga, and art experiences, offer various paths to overcome obstacles, develop coping skills, and build hope and resilience in a way that is non-threatening and relatable to children.

This book is divided into three main sections:
1) Yoga poses, which can be taught prior to the reading of the stories to familiarize the children with the movement;
2) Six stories for primary elementary age children (K through 2nd grade); and
3) Nine stories for intermediate elementary aged children (3rd through 5th grade).
At the end of each story, there are questions for further discussion, coloring pages for the primary elementary age group, and mandalas for the intermediate age group.


Cosmologic Triadic Drive Theory: The Physics of the Psyche

$39.99 $31.99

by William L. Johnson; ORI Academic Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-942431-08-4 (soft); price: $39.99 (orig.); $31.99 (at 20% off conference discount)

Cosmologic Triadic Drive Theory: The Physics of the Psyche is the work of late Dr. William L. Johnson that introduces the reader to the Triadic Drive Theory (TDT), which explains how the forces of the universe create our mentality. It begins from a different reality – about the nature of human beings – than has been commonly held by psychology and psychoanalysis. TDT’s initial proposition is that the constant forces of physics throughout the universe, and in the operations of subatomic particles in the atoms of our brain cells, produce the energy of our two most basic life-determining psychic drives, construdo and destrudo. Construdo is the drive that helps us to combine and connect thoughts, ideas, emotions, concepts, attitudes, and beliefs, as well as to connect with other cultures, societies, families, and people. The second drive, destrudo, determines why, when, and how such unions are broken apart, damaged, or overthrown. It is proposed that these two drives and their derivatives determine more human behaviors than Freud’s libido drive and its derivatives. Triadic Drive Theory asserts that the forces of physics that govern and hold the universe together constitute the true universal reality for humans, as well as for all other species. Thus Dr. Johnson proposes an axiom: the universe and the humans are governed by the same principles of physics. So, the focus of this theoretical and psychoanalytic endeavor is about how these forces of physics produce our cognitive or mental drives. In this book, Dr. Johnson offers application of TDT to clinical practice, including Freud’s “dream work,” psychopathology diagnosis, object relations, and work with couples, while adding the physical dimensions of time and space.


Centre and Circumference: a collection of poems

$24.99 $19.99

by Howard F. Stein
ISBN: 978-1942431091

This book is a collection of poems that are authored by Howard F. Stein. He puts the lens to life from three different positions: Love and Life, Time and Memories, Work and Society. Sandra Indig’s paintings supplement and amplify the poems tonality, texture, and meaning. The incisive and comprehensive foreword is authored by Inna Rozentsvit.
Howard is an interdisciplinarian and psychoanalytic/ anthropological/ humanistic poet and writer. The title, “Centre and Circumference,” comes from Percy Shelley’s 1821 essay, A Defense of Poetry, where he writes that “poetry is at once the centre and circumference of knowledge; it is that which comprehends all science, and that to which all science must be referred.”

Shelley’s metaphor is how Howard Stein has come to imagine poetry – in fact all the arts. Poetry enlarges the circumference of the imagination by replenishing it with thoughts of ever new delight, which have the power of attracting and assimilating to their own nature all other thoughts … The author is certain that this collection enlarges the compass of his reader’s imagination, of his/her world, and of his/her engagement with it. The author has a passionate wish that dwells in the invisible bond between poet and reader.


Saturday Nights at Lafayette Grill: True Tales & Gossips of NY City Argentine Tango Scene

$29.99 $23.99

by Susan Kavaler-Adler
ISBN: 978-1-942431-07-7 (soft)

This book brings the reader into the center of a worldwide cultural craze and passion, as it has developed and thrived in New York City since 1985, when the Broadway show ‘Tango Argentino’ first came to town, followed by ‘Forever Tango.’

With a special dedication of the book and title to the Argentine tango cultural center formerly housed within a Greek restaurant, named ‘Lafayette Grill,’ this book offers 17 interviews with top Argentine tango professionals in NYC (all of whom frequented Lafayette Grill), who each speak of their Argentine tango dance and tango teaching philosophies; of their first interest in Argentine tango, and of their own development within the dance over time. Along with these psychological interviews, this book offers readers 19 anonymous essays, written by Argentine tango dancers, who contribute the main fabric of the social milieu of Argentine tango dancers gathered in the tango parties called milongas, within multiple dance studios and restaurants in NY City. These essays penetrate the internal life of the Argentine tango dancer, and therefore have a psychological focus. These essays also display for the reader the colorful and rich ambience of the Argentine tango world in NY City as a social and cultural environment.


Talking Colors: Seeing Words/Hearing Images

$24.99 $19.99

by Sandra Indig
ISBN: 978-1-942431-06-0 (soft)

This book is for those readers who have a strong interest in creativity and the creative process from the perspective of the artist/analyst. Wrapped in colors, lines, textures, and words is the fascinating, ambiguous, often mysterious story of a life told through images associated with words and words associated with images.

The collection draws from aesthetic, spiritual concerns and those of science and psychoanalysis. Implied, often veiled, ambiguous reference to numerous modalities of expression bring to the level of consciousness both personal and universal emotions often as not, hidden and unspoken. With deeply felt humility, Indig goes to the edge of mythic-poetic worlds and dares her readers to look into the abyss for darkly hidden jewels adorning the cloth of humanity.


Oedipal Paradigms in Collision: An Emendation of a Piece of Freudian Canon

$49.99 $39.99

by Howard H. Covitz
ISBN: 9781942431046 (soft)

Howard Covitz, in this wonderfully scholarly book, turns his incisive and original readings of old texts, both Freudian and Biblical, into a refreshingly new understanding of the Oedipus Complex that was ahead of its time when first published in 1998, but is extremely timely today. Covitz argues that the Oedipus complex is not primarily about the internalization of a parental/societal superego to resolve a conflict over the child’s forbidden sexual desire and his or her fear of being punished for it; the traditional interpretation. Rather, it is much more importantly about the birth of genuine morality out of a conflict between – on the one hand – the child’s narcissistic demand to have his or her own way, imposing his or her own needs and desires on the parents without recognition or regard for their wishes or for anyone else’s, and – on the other hand – the child’s love for the parents and his or her growing awareness of and concern for their feelings, wishes, and needs, seeing them (and other people, generally) as separate individuals who, like the child, are inherently deserving of respect. Understood in this way, the Oedipal conflict is clearly universal, and it is pervasively apparent in the world today, where it remains largely unresolved in most of us, adults, most of the time.


The Root Is Bitter, The Root Is Sweet: In the Shadow of Madness, A Memoir

$29.99 $23.99

by Dolores Brandon
ISBN: 9781942431039 (soft);

Dolores Brandon’s book is a unique study in the poetry and intuitive psychological engagement of personal memoir of someone who grew up in the shadow of bipolar “madness” of her father. Brandon’s in-depth emotional capacities are highlighted in the overall process of mourning for the losses suffered by those she loves and yet yearns to separate from. The reader can follow the path of grief and rebirth along with the author and find a language to express their own individual grief and love process.


My Animal Alphabet: Paintings and Poems

$21.99 $17.59

by Linda Mia Turkel
Published by MindMend Publishing, an imprint of the ORI Academic Press
ISBN: 9780984870097 (soft)

Note from the author: There are two things that young children are especially drawn to ─ animals and the alphabet. So I thought I would combine them into a series that would reinforce the alphabet (that they so early learn) and animals (that they are inherently drawn to). Although these animals are recognizable many are somewhat impressionistic. I was careful to not include any “made up” animals such as “unicorn.” The alphabet, I felt, was a good structure to fit the animals into ─ since this combination of “alphabet” and “animal” can be essential for the child’s development with respect to learning (and even comfort) as they experience the world. Rhyming is a very inviting way to remember things, so I wrote a rhyming poem for each animal.


A Consilience of Natural and Social Sciences − A Memoir of Original Contributions


by Henry Kellerman
Consilience Series.
ISBN: 9780984870080 (soft)
ISBN: 9780984870073 (hard, jacket)

This volume presents a series of original theories formulated over Dr. Henry Kellerman’s more than 50 year career first as psychologist, then as psychoanalyst. These are theories reflecting phenomena both in the natural as well as social sciences. They are foundational theories, several of which were published in scientific and clinical journals, as well as in books.


Harry’s Dream

$24.99 $19.99

by Suzanne T. Saldarini
Illustrations by Simeone, Lou
Psychoanalytic Thought for Youth Series
ISBN: 9781942431015 (soft)

Over one hundred years ago, Freud showed us that dreams are over-determined. Events from the previous day, on-going projects and interests, conversations, childhood memories and feelings attached to all of these come together to form our night-time dramas. The same could be said about any invention, including this short story for young children. Harry’s Dream began with a real night-mare, was shaped by conversations, by interests and by Harry’s memories. Finally, it was determined by the commitment at ORI Academic Press to connect psychoanalytic concepts to ordinary experience. Harry’s Dream is Suzanne Saldarini’s second book for children published by the ORI Academic Press. Her first book, About Dreams, was nominated for a prestigious 2013 Gradiva® Award from the National Association for Advancement of Psychoanalysis. Both books are included in Psychoanalytic Thought for Youth series. Harry’s Dream is brief, vivid and, hopefully, meaningful to anyone who cares for pre-school children.


About Dreams

$19.99 $15.99

by Suzanne T. Saldarini
Illustrations by Simeone, Lou
Psychoanalytic Thought for Youth Series
ISBN: 9780984870066 (soft, color)

School-age children are drawn to mysteries – what can be more mysterious than a dream? The importance of this topic for children rests in the tough questions raised by frightening dreams. For example, where do such scary images come from? Will those things really happen? Why do I dream anyway? Inviting readers to explore these issues encourages them to confront and diminish anxiety. Observing connections between events, feelings, decisions and wishes exercises problem-solving skills, affirms the value of internal experience, encourages communication and discourages avoidance and withdrawal.


The Compulsion to Create: Women Writers and Their Demon Lovers

$34.99 $27.99

by Susan Kavaler-Adler
Foreword by McDougal, Joyce
ISBN: 9780984870004 (soft)

The Compulsion to Create: Women Writers and Their Demon Lovers is a fascinating and informative psychological survey of women and the literature they create, especially as reflected by the lives and work of such luminaries as Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Emily Dickinson, Anais Nin, Sylvia Plath, and Edith Sitwell. The reader is treated to such issues as compulsion versus reparation, developmental mourning and creative-process reparation, creative women and the “internal father,” and the “demon-lover” theme as literary myth and psychodynamic complex. A highly recommended addition to women’s studies, literary studies, and psychological studies supplemental reading lists, “The Compulsion to Create” is original, revealing, insightful, challenging, at times iconoclastic, and always entertaining.


The Creative Mystique: From Red Shoe Frenzy to Love and Creativity

$32.99 $26.39

by Susan Kavaler-Adler
Foreword by Bergmann, Martin S.
ISBN: 9780984870011 (soft)

Through the life stories of women such as Camille Claudel, Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, Anne Sexton, Suzanne Farrell and others, and through clinical case studies, Susan Kavaler-Adler offers penetrating insights into the nature of the creative process. Kavaler-Adler contrasts unsuccessful psychological treatments with object-relations therapy that is able to resolve the pathological narcissism of creative addiction and allow the emergence of healthy modes of self-expression. This book will be of interest to anyone interested in the creative process and its psychological and psychoanalytic underpinnings.