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My Animal Alphabet: Paintings and Poems

$21.99 $17.59

by Linda Mia Turkel
Published by MindMend Publishing, an imprint of the ORI Academic Press
ISBN: 9780984870097 (soft)

Note from the author: There are two things that young children are especially drawn to ─ animals and the alphabet. So I thought I would combine them into a series that would reinforce the alphabet (that they so early learn) and animals (that they are inherently drawn to). Although these animals are recognizable many are somewhat impressionistic. I was careful to not include any “made up” animals such as “unicorn.” The alphabet, I felt, was a good structure to fit the animals into ─ since this combination of “alphabet” and “animal” can be essential for the child’s development with respect to learning (and even comfort) as they experience the world. Rhyming is a very inviting way to remember things, so I wrote a rhyming poem for each animal.