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Seven Seasons: Collected Poems

$25.99 $20.80

by Detelina Stoykova-Asenov; MindMend Publishing
ISBN-13: 13: 978-1-942431-14-5 (soft, color)

“Seven Seasons,” Detelina Stoykova-Asenov’s debut collection of poems, encompasses poetic experiences from a span of twenty years. Living in the world Old and New, her poetics assign a vocabulary and inhabits this home/no-home environment, moving effortlessly between those worlds. The poems are organized in seven chapters, distinguished by themes, lyricism and architectonics, from haiku and miniatures to ballads and odes, with a variety of expressive means. Nature, seasons, travel, dreams, connectedness – between people and between people and nature – form the atmosphere in this collection.